LEDSELL Partnership Opportunities

LEDSELL, a leading company of digital signs is currently collaborating with property owners to display LED billboards. LEDSELL now offers everything from Mobile Billboards to Led signs for both indoor and outdoor and various kinds of digital menu boards.

Benefits to the property owners are enormous. A property owner partnering with LEDSELL receives residual income by monthly rental of their home/commercial property site to LEDSELL and/or by simply sharing of the advertising income, making it advantageous for participating property owners. LEDSELL team provides the support in costs of LED Screen which includes our team doing the site evaluation, the design of sign and its frame structure and final construction, installation and maintenance. Our key professionals, in the creative department, can provide ad creation. A property owner, once approved can enjoy the benefits in this partnership with LEDSELL.

LED advertising is becoming the preferred method of getting the word out about your business or services. LED screens sold or rented by LEDSELL have an excellent picture quality with LED bulbs that remain bright even under bright day light, extreme weather conditions including rain or snow. The easy sign programming allows for different messages and ads to be swapped out on a regular basis. So many businesses are choosing LED billboard over the old and outdated traditional billboards for a number of reasons. In today’s technology driven world, the average person’s attention span is getting shorter every year.. If your business is going to attract new clients, you have to push for maximum impact. A LED sign from LEDSELL is the way to get attention of a potential customers immediately.